Extra Corporeal Weston Knot

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In Laparoscopic Surgery there is no ideal suture available that combines easy handling, ability to form secure knots for all situations, easy sterilization, and low cost. Thus, the surgeon has to choose which suture is appropriate for each purpose, which means deciding between monofilamentous or multifilamentous (twisted or braided) and absorbable (polyglycolic acid, polyglactin, polydioxanone, or polytrimethylene carbonate) or nonabsorbable sutures (silk, nylon, polypropylene, braided polyester). Weston knot is very good knot which can be used as extracorporeal locked knot without a knot pusher. In general, superior tensile strength and knot security reduce the risk of breakage and allow the use of finer sutures with Weston Knot. These properties also minimize tissue reaction and expedite laparoscopic procedures.