Bilateral Ovarian Dermoid Dermoid Cyst

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1 year ago


Dermoid cyst. Also called a teratoma, this cyst forms from reproductive cells that make eggs in the ovary (germ cells). The cyst can contain tissue, such as hair, skin, or teeth. This type of cyst is rarely cancer. Cystadenoma. This type of cyst develops from cells on the surface of an ovary. An ovarian dermoid cyst has nothing to do with the ovary’s function. Like other kinds of dermoid cysts, an ovarian dermoid cyst first develops before birth. A woman may have a dermoid cyst on an ovary for many years until it’s discovered during a pelvic exam. This benign cyst forms on the spine. Treating ovarian dermoid cysts requires removing the cyst and, in rare cases, the affected ovary. The options available depend on how concerning the cyst is and your plans to have children. Ovarian cystectomy: Removes the part of the ovary with the cyst. This procedure eliminates the cyst while preserving your fertility. Dermoid cyst surgery is usually a safe procedure. Having your or your child’s cyst removed can help manage any symptoms and prevent future complications. If you have an ovarian dermoid cyst that needs removal, talk to your gynecologist about how surgery could affect your fertility. An ovarian dermoid cyst is a fluid-filled sac containing tissue from your hair, skin, teeth or other body parts. Unlike most ovarian cysts, dermoid cysts don’t form in response to your menstrual cycle. Instead, like other dermoid cysts, they form when fully developed tissue collects in an odd location (like in your ovaries). Ovarian dermoid cysts aren’t cancerous, but they can cause complications if they grow too large. a healthcare provider can evaluate your cyst and advise on whether to remove it. Ovarian dermoid cysts are sometimes called mature cystic teratomas. Contact us World Laparoscopy Hospital Cyber City, Gurugram, NCR Delhi INDIA: +919811416838 World Laparoscopy Training Institute Bld.No: 27, DHCC, Dubai UAE: +971525857874 World Laparoscopy Training Institute 8320 Inv Dr, Tallahassee, Florida USA: +1 321 250 7653