Is the training located in any government registered hospital or is it off site any hall or hotel arranged by some instrument company just "Hands On" as occasional event?
World Laparoscopy Hospital provides one of the best infrastructure in the world for laparoscopic training distributed in 25000 square feet Area. Classes and Lab of "Hands On" training are ultramodern and high tech to ensure that every surgeon and gynecologist have the chance to identify their individual needs and prescribe individualized training methods. Though at least half of our Hands-On class time is dedicated to the lab and Operation Theatre, we keep the lab open 12 hours a day so you can access it after hours whenever you like for independent study. The place is yours; do with it whatever you like with proper care of instrument. And when our time together in class draws to close, you're going to have us at your fingertips for continuing answers and advice, forever, for free. Can you find that anywhere else?

World Laparoscopy Hospital