Is it true that World Laparoscopy Hospital provide Free Surgery?
Dozens of different kinds of general surgical and gynecological operations are now being done using minimally invasive techniques. These include operations on the abdomen, heart, reproductive organs, nerves, ear, nose, sinuses, throat, joints, chest organs, urinary tract, and blood vessels. These minimal access techniques are also used in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

It is vital for all minimal access surgeons from all spheres of specialization in the developing world from Professors to village doctors, as also those from all developed areas pool their concerns in this effort. If success of a surgeon or gynecologist is defined not by what one has attained but by the effort made in overcoming obstacles to help poor, just our sincere efforts in this cause to help poor and needy would be by far the greatest triumph.

It is very unfortunate that present days healthcare is just all about money. Money is essential and even from the earliest days doctors needed to be compensated in order to maintain their livelihood. As medical advances progressed in the 19th century and healthcare began to rely on empirical science, costs increased. In the early 1900s, doctors were no longer expected to treat patients for free if they could not pay. Present days Hospital began to transform themselves from a place people went to die to a place where people could be cured. It is unfortunate all of this cost money is more for laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic Surgery is must for poor people because they earn their money by doing physical hard work and they need to recover much faster then rich people.

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