Textbook of Laparoscopy for Surgeons and Gynecologists 4th Edition

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9 months ago


In this unique textbook of laparoscopic surgery Art and science of minimal access surgery are explained giving a true overall view as well as the recent technological advances made in this field. The fascinating practice of laparoscopic surgery incorporates video technology. A contemporary operating room is now equipped with complex gadgetry of essential laparoscopic equipment including a vast array of energy appliances and more hand instruments with innovative engineering designs. The surgeon is now challenged beyond acquiring the hand skills of traditional open surgery. A desirable low conversion rate is highly achievable with good patient selection and appropriate skills. An added competence in the knowledge and application of the gadgetry for laparoscopic surgery is needed for hitch-free surgery. Towards a sound knowledge of laparoscopic surgery, a beginner needs essential guiding principles beyond that seen in Dr. Mishra's surgical textbooks. This book is designed for the resident surgeons and gynecologists as an introduction, for trainee laparoscopic surgeons and anesthetists as a guide, and for practicing laparoscopic surgeons as a refresher bank. All the 50 chapters in this edition have been updated and many have been rewritten to give readers the most up-to-date information. The book tackles the challenging topic of translating what is taught in the operating room into text and images. Additionally, the book addresses numerous methods to overcome challenges encountered during the laparoscopic procedure. It combines all the procedural surgical videos which will give complete knowledge of operative laparoscopic surgery. A unique textbook in laparoscopic surgery which deals with all essential aspects for surgeons, gynecologists, and urologists. Specifically, address topics of fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery and operative steps of each procedure in detail. Aimed not only at the dedicated laparoscopic surgeons, but also at general surgeons, gynecologists, urologists, and surgical trainees. The aim of each chapter is to define, sharpen and emphasize issues of surgical steps, using the available evidence. Art and science of minimal access surgery are explained giving a true overall view as well as the recent technological advances made in this field. Intended for those who are conversant with operative surgical and gynecological procedures. Its scope is broad and deep. Illustrations and diagrams are provided to facilitate faster learning of minimal access surgery. Self-sufficient book which explains the concept of ergonomics, task analysis, and practical, and practical problems encountered in laparoscopic operative surgery. An overall view of the latest instruments and techniques of their application is presented. The exponential increase of interest in laparoscopy among general surgeons and gynecologists has generated many new and sometimes forgettable textbooks. The fact that this textbook has survived to a 4th edition should be testimony that it has served a need and served it well. There are 50 chapters and the chapters are well organized into sections on basic clinical sciences, basic clinical aspects, basic clinical problems in gynecology, general surgery, basic and advanced gynecologic, general surgery and urological laparoscopic surgery, controversial issues in gynecologic laparoscopy, laparoscopic procedures in general surgery, and a final section on laparoscopic complications.