Laparoscopic Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair

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Amit Kumar
1 year ago


This video demonstrates Laparoscopic Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair. Laparoscopy is gold standard for bilateral inguinal hernia repair. In this surgery, the abdomen of the patient is inflated with a harmless CO2 gas. This gives the surgeon a better look at abdominal organs. He’ll make a few small incisions in the abdomen, usually three. He’ll insert a thin instrument with a tiny camera on the end (laparoscope). The surgeon uses images from the laparoscope as a guide to repairing the hernia with mesh. For laparoscopic surgery, you’ll receive general anesthesia. The TAPP may be a better option for bilateral inguinal hernia repair in the setting of an incarcerated hernia as it provides better visualization and space for manipulation of viscera. A low threshold for conversion should always be maintained when attempting a laparoscopic repair for an incarcerated hernia. For more detail