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World Laparoscopy Hospital Goes Overseas
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World Laparoscopy Hospital Goes Overseas
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Established in 2000, World Laparoscopy Hospital is a world-class Institute of Minimal Access Surgery. Their entrepreneurial attitude, cutting-edge surgical resources, global outreach, and scientific approach set them apart from other institutes of laparoscopic and da Vinci robotic surgery.

A glitterati event was organized to mark the landmark achievement in the history of the World Laparoscopy Hospital. Prof. Steven D Wexner. Prof, Meenakshi Jain, Professor Dr. R.K. Mishra, Chairman, and Chief Surgeon, Dr. B. S. BHALLA, Director Admissions, gastro-surgeon, and advanced Gi endoscopist and Outreach; Ms. Sadhana Mishra, Dy. Director Admissions and International Relations were presented as chief guests at the formal inaugural ceremony to declare the inception of the new international venture.

The program formally began by giving due respect to the national anthem of all three countries, India, the United States of America, and the United Arab Emirates. World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurugram is currently at the forefront of the choice of surgeons and gynecologists who want to study laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques in India. Gurugram is known as one of the best cities in India. With the growing IT and medical industry and other various sectors, Gurugram has become one of India’s richest and most planned cities with all the modern infrastructures and best-in-class amenities. We are extremely fortunate to collaborate with the Dubai Health Care authority and the University of South Florida for the educational exchange between these countries. We foster learning in a contemporary yet eco-friendly setting that allows doctors to live, grow and perform surgery to get hands-on experience. World Laparoscopy Hospital campus keeps surgeons and gynecologists’ well-being and future at the center of minimal access surgery while creating a stimulating, safe, and holistic ecosystem, “said Professor (Dr.) R. K. Mishra, Chairman of World Laparoscopy Hospital.

The traditional method of obtaining technical skills in open traditional surgical specialties is based in the principle of ‘see one, do one, teach one when the apprentice, after observing a particular procedure for the first time, is then expected to be able to perform that procedure without complications and is also expected to be capable of training another apprentice on how to perform effectively the same procedure. However, this method may not be applicable to laparoscopic and robotic surgery. In laparoscopic and robotic surgery good hand-eye coordination is required. Laparoscopic surgery involves working with images on a screen and instruments that are manipulated outside the line of vision and therefore, the trainee is not able to observe the surgeon's hands, the instruments, and the operative results of manipulation simultaneously as it happens in open surgery.

There is a need worldwide for good training institutes in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.   The surgeon must be extremely familiar with the anatomy, patient selection, preparation and positioning, the equipment used during surgery, and post-operative care. In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon must be extremely familiar with the anatomy, the patient selection, preparation and positioning, the equipment used during surgery, and the post-operative care but most important is surgical skill. Minimally invasive surgery compared to open surgery has a longer learning curve as it is more difficult to learn and master. Over more than the past two decades, World Laparoscopy Hospital has trained more than 15000 surgeons, urologists, pediatric surgeons, and gynecologists from more than 108 countries. The institute provides world-class surgical simulation in minimally invasive surgery outside the operating room has increased significantly the acquisition of cognitive knowledge and surgical skills and for shortening the learning curves of the residents.

“At all the three institutes of World Laparoscopy Hospital, In India, UAE, and USA, world’s most advanced simulators are used for these purposes including laparoscopic VR simulators, animal models, human cadavers and lightly embalmed human cadavers with their effectiveness to train surgeons and gynecologist,” said Dr. B. S. BHALLA, Director Admissions. The clinical training curriculum of obstetricians-gynecologists should include laparoscopic VR simulators through an integrated evidence-based, simulation-based education program due to the growing request for advanced laparoscopic gynecologic surgery with adjustment of innovative techniques in order to ensure high-quality laparoscopic training. World Laparoscopy Hospital is filling this gap and educating surgeons from all over the world.



Dr R K Mishra

World Laparoscopy Hospital
Cyber City, Gurugram, NCR Delhi
Phone: +919811416838

World Laparoscopy Training Institute
Bld.No: 27, DHCC, Dubai
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World Laparoscopy Training Institute
8320 Inv Dr, Tallahassee, Florida
Phone: +1 321 250 7653
Dr. Ajay Parasar
Apr 15th, 2023 12:50 pm
The expansion of World Laparoscopy Hospital's operations to international locations is a significant development for the organization. By establishing branches in key regions across the globe, the hospital can provide greater access to high-quality surgical training and patient care services. This move underscores the hospital's commitment to advancing the field of laparoscopy and improving patient outcomes on a global scale.
Dr. Bharati Saxena
Apr 16th, 2023 8:13 am
Expanding overseas is a positive step for World Laparoscopy Hospital, as it can increase access to their world-class surgical training and education beyond their current location. This can benefit healthcare professionals around the world seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in laparoscopic surgery and ultimately improve patient outcomes globally
Dr. Paritosh Kumar Ghosh
Nov 2nd, 2023 1:47 pm

World Laparoscopy Hospital's expansion overseas is a remarkable milestone, showcasing their commitment to advancing minimally invasive surgery globally. Their expertise and dedication in the field have now reached international borders, bringing high-quality healthcare to patients worldwide. This achievement reflects their exceptional reputation and unwavering pursuit of medical excellence. Congratulations on this significant step towards improving healthcare on a global scale.
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