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1. A 48 year patient developed pain right hypochondrium and epigastric region 4th day of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The MRCP and CT scan shows mild leakage from the gall bladder bed. Common bile duct and biliary tree was found to be intact? what may be the reason of this leak?
a) This is normal after laparoscopic surgery.
b) Leakage from Duct of Luschka or cystohepatic duct.
c) Injured common bile duct is the most common cause.
d) Injury to the liver parenchyma.


2. What is the minimally  invasive management of leaking cystohepatic duct?
a) The stent application.
b) Endoscopic pappilotomy.
c) Endoscopic dilatation.
d) Nasogastric tube for 5 days.


3. Which of the following modality is more effective for hemostasis around callots triangle?
a) Electrocautery
b) Ultrasonic scissors
c) Ligasure
d) Laser


4. The option of choice for donor kidney removal for a young lady in specialized centre is?
Hand assisted laparoscopic surgery.
Totally laparoscopic surgery.
Laparoscopic nephrectomy with open surgery at end for kidney retrieval.
Conventional open surgery.


5. Which of the following is most  useful practice to decrease incidence of post operative wound infection after laparoscopic appendectomy?
Cauterization of appendix stump after its removal.
Use of retrieval bag to remove appendix.
Proper irrigation and suction after appendectomy.
Avoiding appendectomy on inflamed appendix.

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