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“I was body fat kid,” she said. “Over the years I yo-yo dieted my way up the size. I’d lose 20 pounds, then regain 30.”

The cycle am insidious that by her early 40s, Ms. Warnock-Morgan, who lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter and is employed by a music company, was obese, having a bmi over 40. (A B.M.I. of 18.5 to 24.9 is normal; over 30 is recognized as obese.)  MORE
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More than 5,000 physicians have taken a suturing program created by Dr. Rosser. The doctors receive percentile rankings depending on their performance, and the large database was adopted as a control for that gaming study.  MORE
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33 surgeons resulted in at Beth Israel Clinic in Manhattan last summer for any training program in suturing techniques for laparoscopic surgery, they started a full day not by listening to an intriguing example, but by playing Super Monkey Ball, The exorcist Revenge Racer and Silent Scope, three off-the-shelf video games.   MORE
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Laparoscopic hernia surgery might be less painful than the usual traditional open incision, but it carries a higher risk of recurrence, except when highly experienced surgeons perform it, said research released on Sunday.  MORE
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The latest evaluation of drastic weight-loss surgery provides both good news and not so good news for patients who are severely obese. The study by federal health analysts discovered that the death rate from so-called bariatric surgery was relatively low but that the rate of subsequent complications was twice as high as measured in previous studies to come patients for much shorter periods. Even so, for some people, the advantages of the drastic surgery, which typically involves shortening the intestines and reducing the size the stomach, must surely outweigh the risks.  MORE