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Surgeons who drink to excess the night time before they operate may make errors the next day, even while late as four in the afternoon, based on a novel experiment described in a recent Irish study.  MORE
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The mobile training center included a conference room, clinical training area and five operating room stations. Laparoscopic surgery is really a technique used in the abdominal region which involves surgeons using small incisions rather than the classical invasive surgical techniques.  MORE
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As the hd technology gets more and more important, we are very happy to present our two newest HD cameras which have their unique strengths in visualizing even smallest structures. Along with these HD versions we provide different 1CCD and 3CCD camera systems. All featuring excellent detail and colour reproduction.

Of course, all our cameras are approved according to medical standards and therefore are applicable for that used in the operating room.  MORE
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A good optics is necessary for better outcome of surgery. Your camera head includes an objective lens, a prism assembly and three sensors for acquiring the primary colors of the image. Some camera heads likewise incorporate an optical zoom for adjusting the image size (magnification). Optical zoom is advantageous because it doesn't have negative effect on the image resolution. Additionally, some of the image processing might be performed in the actual camera head. Because of better image performance, three-chip cameras were generally accepted because the industry standard for endoscopic surgery about Ten years ago. The main advantage is the fact that color reproduction is more natural.  MORE
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The FloShield device gives you an uninterrupted view by defogging and deflecting debris from the lens of your laparoscope without you having to remove the scope from the abdominal cavity for cleaning.
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We've no taste for either the Gastric by Pass (Roux-en-Y) or LAP Band procedures for Obese individuals. If we had to choose, on safety alone, We would opt for the Band. But recent reports published in the Archives in Surgery apparently defer towards the permanency from the Gastric omit.   MORE
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Experience with advanced techniques has increased the indications for laparoscopic liver resection. This video demonstrates technical facets of a pure laparoscopic mesohepatectomy using intrahepatic Glissonian technique. Towards the better of our knowledge, this is actually the first case of anatomic laparoscopic mesohepatectomy using the Glissonian approach published in the English literature.   MORE