Tue - May 23, 2023 7:37 am  |  Article Hits:58
Dr. R. K. Mishra, a renowned laparoscopic surgeon and pioneer in the field of minimally invasive surgery, has set a remarkable world record by training an astounding 15,000 surgeons and gynecologists in laparoscopic surgery since the year 2001. This achievement highlights his unwavering dedication to advancing surgical techniques and improving patient outcomes.
Mon - May 22, 2023 12:07 pm  |  Article Hits:67
Laparoscopic Surgeons rely on clear vision to perform their work. However, the lenses of surgical microscopes can become fogged or dirty, which can impair vision and make it difficult to operate. In some cases, this can lead to complications during surgery.

Fri - May 19, 2023 3:27 pm  |  Article Hits:75
Senhance® is an advanced robotic surgical system developed by Asensus Surgical, formerly known as TransEnterix, a leading medical device company based in the US. This state-of-the-art system is specifically designed to support hospitals and assist surgeons in performing a wide range of laparoscopic surgical procedures, including general surgery, gynecology, urology, and thoracic surgeries.
Tue - May 16, 2023 4:21 pm  |  Article Hits:101
Bariatric surgery is a major medical procedure that can help people with obesity lose weight and improve their health. However, like any surgery, it is not without risks. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to develop new tools that can help predict the risk of complications and improve the outcomes of bariatric surgery.

Mon - May 15, 2023 3:23 pm  |  Article Hits:83
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the healthcare industry, and surgery is no exception. AI-powered technologies are already being used to improve surgical planning, decision-making, and execution, and they have the potential to revolutionize the way surgery is performed.  MORE
Thu - May 11, 2023 2:54 pm  |  Article Hits:131
​The TruClear™ system is a comprehensive technology platform specifically developed for the removal of various intrauterine abnormalities. This advanced hysteroscopic tissue retrieval system is designed to deliver optimal performance.
Tue - May 9, 2023 3:27 pm  |  Article Hits:93
The World Laparoscopy Hospital (WLH), under the proficient leadership of Dr. R K Mishra, has set a global record by successfully training 1,000 surgeons and gynecologists in robotic surgery.  MORE
Sun - April 30, 2023 12:47 pm  |  Article Hits:128
The endoscopes market is responsible for producing and distributing medical devices that are used to examine internal organs and structures within the human body. These minimally invasive instruments use optical systems, including a lighted camera, to capture images of the inside of the body, serving various diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, such as identifying diseases and removing abnormal tissue or foreign objects.  MORE
Sun - April 30, 2023 10:13 am  |  Article Hits:143
Develop a solid foundation in surgical principles: Before delving into laparoscopic surgery, it's essential to have a thorough understanding of general surgical principles and techniques. Complete your medical degree, surgical residency, and any required fellowships to establish a strong base in surgical skills  MORE
Sat - April 29, 2023 7:28 am  |  Article Hits:144
Intuitive's da Vinci SP Surgical System Granted FDA Clearance for Simple Prostatectomy, Enabling Minimally Invasive Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.  MORE
Thu - April 20, 2023 4:14 pm  |  Article Hits:245
The Saberscope is the world's first true high-definition, fog-free, articulating, single-use laparoscope that has been cleared by the FDA.   MORE
Sat - April 15, 2023 3:36 pm  |  Article Hits:206
The critical view of safety (CVS) is a surgical technique that was developed to help reduce the risk of complications during laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which is the removal of the gallbladder using minimally invasive techniques.  MORE
Sun - March 26, 2023 2:25 pm  |  Article Hits:237
Magnetic assisted laparoscopic surgery (MALS) is a minimally invasive surgical technique that uses magnetic fields to control surgical instruments. The procedure involves the use of a magnetic controller outside the patient's body to manipulate magnetic-tipped instruments inside the body.  MORE
Sat - March 25, 2023 1:10 pm  |  Article Hits:225
Neuralink is a neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk in 2016 with the goal of creating brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) to enable humans to interact with computers and other machines using their minds.  MORE
Tue - March 21, 2023 2:42 pm  |  Article Hits:276
Laparoscopic ablation of liver tumors is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to destroy liver tumors without removing them. Laparoscopic ablation of hepatic tumors may be indicated for patients with small to medium-sized tumors in the liver that are confined to one or two areas and have not spread to other parts of the body.   MORE