Fraud Alert | R K School of Endoskills | Dr. Rini Kuruvilla | Dr. Rahul Pandey
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Fraud Alert | R K School of Endoskills | Dr. Rini Kuruvilla | Dr. Rahul Pandey
Fraud Alert | R K School of Endoskills | Dr. Rini Kuruvilla | Dr. Rahul Pandey
World Laparoscopy Hospital Warning against fraudulent training programs.
We want to warn surgeons and gynecologists in India and abroad against fraud going on.

It was observed that there has been an increase in Fellowship fraud involving scammers who post fraudulent training institutes. These individuals sometimes even conduct fraudulent programs in an attempt to obtain personal information or money from the applicants. We have also noticed that certain individuals claiming to be from the World Laparoscopy Hospital function are contacting prospective candidates pretending to represent WLH with various offers. In case you or any candidate receives any unsolicited or fraudulent communication regarding these offers, please stay alert and recognize it as a scam. Upon receipt of a call, to prevent falling victim to the same, the candidate may take some measures such as visiting the official WLH website to verify the source and authenticity.

1. Some fraudsters are using the name of World Laparoscopy Hospital and its employees to solicit laparoscopic training applications and require the training seekers/applicants to pay processing fees or deposit amounts, by sending false e-mails or by making fraudulent telephone calls. We request you not respond to these calls/emails.

2. It has been brought to our notice that one of our old OT assistants Dr. Rahul Pandey is claiming to be trained at World Laparoscopy Hospital and claiming himself as a faculty of laparoscopic Surgery. 

3. Dr, Rahul Pandey is Nepali Citizen who claims to be a laparoscopic surgeon (A complaint has been filed against him to Nepal Medical Council).

4. Dr. Rahul Pandey who was working as an OT assistant has stolen many laparoscopic documents, laparoscopic PowerPoints, Laparoscopic Surgical Videos, and other study materials from World Laparoscopy Hospital and claimed and fooled others that this is his work. (Case is filed against him for this act).

5. Dr. Rini Kuruvilla who is also falsely claiming associated with World Laparoscopy Hospital

6. Dr. Rini Kuruvilla was admitted as a Master's student but she did not complete her degree from World Laparoscopy Hospital.

7. Dr. Rini Kuruvilla together with Dr. Rahul Pandey is offering Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery course which is totally illegal and does not have any recognition by any association or any university.

8. Dr. Rini Kuruvilla is claiming herself a faculty of World Laparoscopy Hospital with vast experience in doing laparoscopic surgery at our institute, which is totally wrong.

9. It has been brought to our notice that Dr. Rini Kuruvilla together with Dr. Rahul Pandey using is selling laparoscopic study materials, videos, and powerpoints of World Laparoscopy Hospital as their own work.

10. Fellowship fraud is a sophisticated scam offering fake training opportunities to surgeons and gynecologists. This type of fraud is normally carried out through online services such as false websites, or through fake e-mails claiming to be from the World Laparoscopy Hospital. The fraudsters often request recipients to provide personal information and to make payments as part of their fake training process.

Beware of fraudsters spoofing the World Laparoscopy Hospital domain id to send fraudulent emails/offers. If you believe you have been a victim of training fraud, you are requested to approach law enforcement agencies immediately.

Kindly write an email requesting the validation of a Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, training certificates CME certificate, etc. to with the scanned copy of the document attached.