Made-In-India Surgical Robot - Mantra
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Indian Surgical Robot
Indian Surgical Robot

The SSI MANTRA surgical robot is the brainchild of cardiac surgeon Dr. Sudhir Srivastava and was developed in an Atal Incubation Centre.

It has conducted 18 successful surgeries, and the cost is likely to be one-fourth of a leading global competitor.

What differentiates MANTRA from the existing Robotic system in the market?

MANTRA is unique in its ways that it is modular with an open face console. So ergonomically, the surgeon can sit as straight as compared to the da Vinci system, where you're hunched over, and then you don't see anything else around you.

I can sit straight just like this. And with the 3d large monitor and surgeon will be able to view the endoscopy 3d view of the inside of the patient's body. Then with hand motions, which are different in the sense of what controls surgeon use compared to the da Vinci system, and to be able to control these modular robotic arms. The surgeon has also had certain very advanced features, whereby the collision of the robotic arms or collision with the patient is detected and avoided.

Indian Surgical Robot Mantra

The other major difference beyond technology is the application. The Mantra system will be useful in all surgical specialties, except orthopedic at this point. We will be including cardiac surgery as one of the focuses. No one in the world is focused on cardiac surgery. Apart from these specialties, we will also focus on cardiac surgery because the benefits are so huge in terms of having the entire complex operation done through tiny holes versus having the sternum split open, which is associated with a lot of trauma, surgical complications, and very long recovery periods.

Another major factor that we considered in this development was the cost. The current da Vinci system in India at the highest level sells for something like 16 to 18 crores. As mentioned that there are a limited number of systems concerning the population and the number of hospitals in the country, At present Mantra has 100 systems installed today.