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I am coming with my wife Can I get Studio Apartment?
Studio units are very expensive in Gurgaon but they are eatrme luxury and number and demand greatly exceeds availability. Typically these are one-room units with a private bathroom and kitchen appliances along one wall of the room or located in a separate kitchen area. Couples or single students may live in studios but couples are given priority. In almost all cases, the bathroom will be a separate room and contain the essentials such as a toilet, shower area, and sink. The showering facilities and available sink and storage spaces will vary most greatly, as some studio bathrooms have a full bathtub while others will have a shower stall with standing room only. There may be a sink with a mirrored storage cabinet installed above, but in other studio spaces, there may also be a counter space or perhaps, a cabinet built around the sink’s pipes for additional storage.

Kitchens are the main variable space in a studio in terms of size and appliances and other features offered. The kitchen is not always separate or marked off from the rest of the room. It is generally expect to find a stove, refrigerator, sink, and some cabinets and counter space, even though these might be limited in size and amenity compared to 1+ bedrooms and baths. Stoves are often 2 burners only, and refrigerator size can also vary (half or full). While it may not always be a space fit for you to play host/hostess to a dinner party, in most cases, there is enough room to be able to comfortably prep and cook individual meals.


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