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Loose Motion
Discussion in 'All Categories' started by Kamagra - Dec 25th, 2011 4:26 pm.
I'm 82 years old male from Kolkata, India. For last Ten days, I'm experiencing loose motion. I've no control relating to this that is ongoing like breathing. I used to be accepted in hospital 2 occasions (in general for five days) and virtually every tests were done. There isn't a problem most of the test results. Formerly, I had been experiencing acute constipation and was advised through the doctors to consider purgative regularly. Now everything is completely of opposite character. Pl assist me to to acquire our from the problem, that's embarrassing and stopping me to satisfy my buddies in addition to my close relatives. I'm disturbed a great deal and will also be grateful should you advice right type of technique to me. If you would like anymore information, please let me find out about this.
re: Loose Motion by Dr M.K. Gupta - Dec 25th, 2011 10:02 pm
Dr M.K. Gupta
Dr M.K. Gupta
Dear Sir

You should get examined by nearby physician and get some investigation done.

Most times, loose motion is brought on by what we eat - eating too much fruit or spicy food, a drastic change in diet, or weather temperature.

Acute loose motion is generally associated with a bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection, with chronic loose motion related to digestive disorders for example irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease. As is commonly the case with vomiting, loose motion causes the body to get rid of vital amounts of fluids, and thus dehydration is definitely an issue.

Always talk to your doctor if you experience prolonged periods of loose motion, if it's combined with pain within the abdomen, or blood in the stools.

Loose Motion Symptoms
Most of us experience two bowel movements per day, and have firm stools. When stools are watery or liquid and incredibly loose - which occurs three or more times each day, it's called loose motion.

Tips to avoid Loose Motion

Avoid caffeine, milk products, and foods which are greasy, full of fiber, or very sweet, because these foods tend to aggravate loose motion. Try unsalted crackers, or dry toast or browned apple shavings.
Slowly add soft, bland foods for your diet, including bananas, plain rice, boiled potatoes, cooked carrots, and baked chicken with no skin or fat.

What are the symptoms of diarrhoea?

Frequent, watery motions.
Loss of appetite.
Nausea, vomiting.
Stomach pains.

If the diarrhoea lasts more than three weeks, it is considered chronic.

What are the indicators?

Blood within the motions.
Pus within the motions (yellow mucus).
Inability to drink liquids because of vomiting.
Dehydration - symptoms include excreting small amounts of dark urine, drowsiness, dry mucous membranes and thirst. Dehydration due to diarrhoea is a particular risk for young children and also the elderly.
Pronounced drowsiness due to dehydration or intoxication.

What can be done in your own home?

In cases of acute diarrhoea, it would be a good idea to drink more fluids (Three or four litres a day), preferably containing sugar and salts. Ready-mixed rehydration sachets (eg Dioralyte, Rehidrat) can be bought from the pharmacist and put into h2o.
A sufficient intake has been obtained when the urine becomes light yellow in colour.
Eat something containing salt, such as crisps or soup.
Maintain good standards of hygiene.
Eat normally as soon as your appetite returns. But if you've suffered a severe attack of diarrhoea, avoid foods containing milk for a couple of days.

When if the doctor be consulted?

When among the indicators outlined above exists.
When the diarrhoea has occurred during or carrying out a trip abroad - travellers' diarrhoea.
When the diarrhoea has lasted more than one to 2 weeks.

How is diarrhoea treated?

Diarrhoea is treatable safely 'at home' and normally goes away alone inside a week. Treatment with antibiotics thus remains rarely needed, and could cause side-effects, for example chronic diarrhoea.

Antidiarrhoeal agents, for example loperamide (eg Imodium), can be utilized, except in instances where there's blood or pus within the motions or if the diarrhoea is combined with high fever.

It's not been proven that freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria can prevent travellers' diarrhoea.

During visits abroad, boil water, or stay hydrated from sealed bottles only. In addition, you should only eat vegetables which have been boiled or peeled and avoid ice-cream and salads (who have been washed with unclean water).
re: Loose Motion by Mageshwari.R - Mar 9th, 2013 12:12 am
i have often abdomen pain and whatever food i eat it leads to loose motion and during mensuration time also i get often loose motion please tell me the solution to solve this problem.

Dear Mageshwari. R

you should consult one gastroenterologist. Typically referred to as loose stools, diarrhea may be the condition wherein one's body experiences frequent passage of watery, unformed stools. Generally, the intestine absorbs water secreted by stomach, liver and pancreas along with the water contained in the meals we consume. Whenever a person gets suffering from the sickness, the intestine is not able to absorb excess of water. This leads to the passage of loose stools. Right from children to the aged people, diarrhea can strike everyone. It may well be either in a mild form, acute as well as chronic. Though not a very serious ailment, If not treated, diarrhea can result in major complications within the body functioning. From the following lines, we now have provided a number of the causes and the signs of diarrhea.

Factors behind Diarrhea
Incomplete digestion with the food consumed
Putrefaction from the intestines.
Viral and transmissions
Food allergies
Bowel disorders
Organic diseases
Nervous irritability
Usage of antibiotic medications
Excessive intake of laxatives
Emotional stress
Excessive utilization of alcohol
Infected water
Wrong mix of foods
Intestinal parasites
Radiation or chemotherapy

After diagnosis only proper treatment can be planned.

With regards

J S Chowhan
re: Loose Motion by - Jul 19th, 2013 7:25 am
My mother in hospital for 4 days

lose motion not in control doctor

Given all treatment . But no result found
What can I do.

Dear Mr Ajay

First you should get routine stool examination done. If After taking some antibiotics the loose stool does not relieve you should get one colonoscopy done.

With regard

Dr J S Chowhan
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