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Robotic Surgery Available for Cholecystectomy And If Yes, It's Charges And Time Duration.
We do perform Da Vinci Robotic Surgery for Cholecystectomy. It will cost you 1 lac 20,000 rupees and the patient need to stay only 1 day in the hospital.

Nowadays laparoscopic cholecystectomy is thought about as a required standard for surgical treatment of severe calculous cholecystitis but uring the last couple of years, there has been growing interest in the robotic technique. A number of authors have reported the supremacy of robotic cholecystectomy, connected with a lower portion of conversion particularly in patients with an intraoperative diagnosis of intense or gangrenous cholecystitis. We report 3 case reports of moderate-severe cholecystitis effectively treated by robotic cholecystectomy.

Robotic cholecystectomy for the gallbladder stone is safe and feasible. Several research studies have actually shown that the robotic method reduces the risk of conversion to open surgery in case of severe or gangrenous cholecystitis. Our outcomes remain in line with the present literature. In fact, we have actually successfully dealt with 2 patients with emphysematous intense cholecystitis and 1 with gangrenous cholecystitis with a totally robotic approach, with no issues or requirement of conversion to open surgery. In conclusion, our outcomes validate that it is time to include robotic surgical treatment in the emergency situation setting.


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