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Cobra Rope, Tin Cup and Terrible Triangle Drill Exercise by Surgeons and Gynecologists of Batch July 2014
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Event Date: Thu - 3 Jul, 2014

Event Time: 3:10 pm

Location: World Laparoscopy Hospital


Institute: WLH

Today the doctors performed Hands on exercises to acquire the Laparoscopic Surgical skills. Using a maryland and  a semitraumatic grasper the doctors passed a thick suture likened to a Cobra through 24 tunnels.  These tunnels are positioned at different angels to induce the surgeon to maneuver the Cobra by use of rotation of the jaws of the instruments and also  rotation at the wrist joint. At World Laparoscopy Hospital surgeons and gynecologists has the opportunity to do at least 3-4 hour hands on exercises everyday and this gives them a lot of opportunity to develop their laparoscopic surgical skill. During these drills doctors are also instructed about the proper handling and gripping of the instruments. The importance of proper  Manipulation, Azimuth and Elevation angels is also  emphasized  for the proper execution of the task.    

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