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Working principles of Patient Cart, Vision Cart and Master console. Docking of Robotic Instruments with Robotic Arm Demonstration by Prof Dr. R K Mishra
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Event Date: Wed - 25 Jun, 2014

Event Time: 2:10 pm

Location: World Laparoscopy Hospital


Institute: WLH

The doctors were taken to the Robotic O R and the various components of the Robot viz. The Master Console, The Vision Cart and the Patient side Cart was shown to them. The Robotic Instruments and their cleaning and disinfection was discussed. The principles of the port position and Docking  were explained. The positioning of the Patient side cart and the coaxial alignment of the central column, target of the dissection and the Telescope was explained. The insertion and removal of the instrument and the multiple instrument ejection system was discussed. All the doctors were given basic hands on training by working on the master console and performing simple task on the da vinci surgical Robot. Most of the doctors were convinced that the future of surgery lies in Robotic Surgery  and some day it will replace the laparoscopy surgery.

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